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Tuesday, November 21, 2006

Congratulations Design Army!

Congratulations to Design Army, an advertising/marketing/PR firm based here in Shaw that was recently honored in the
AR100 competition for its annual report for the Human Rights Campaign ("HRC"). The AR100 Award Show, produced by the Black Book Marketing Group, is the largest and most prestigious competition recognizing excellence in annual reports. A panel of design and communication professionals selects the top 100 annual reports produced each year based on every aspect of a report's creative process. The HRC annual report will be part of a traveling exhibition and featured in the AR100 hardcover catalog.

We are lucky to have such an outstanding, nationally recognized business based in our neighborhood. What are we doing to retain and attract such businesses? How are we integrating them into our neighborhood and tapping into their talents? There might indeed be such activity--as a new resident, I don't know what all we are doing in this regard.

Photo Credit: Robin Mingay


Shaw Rez said...

I wonder if we could engage Design Army to do some pro-bono work on helping us market our neighborhood. We seem to lack a positive, cohesive brand to the District at large.

Ryan said...

Design Army is one of the very best firms in the DC/Baltimore metro area. It's always included in the big Design annuals and competitions. They are seriously a great addition to the neighborhood.