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Monday, December 29, 2008

(Updated 12/31) New Year's Eve Shoutouts: Ring in 2009 in Shaw

Still looking for New Year's Eve plans? Here are a few of your Shaw-based options for ringing in the new year:

1. Vegetate - Vegetate will be offering two special New Year's Eve seatings. The early seating (reserve now for a 6:30, 6:45 or 7:00 seating) will feature an a la carte menu. The late seating will feature a 4-course menu for $50/per person (reserve now for a 9:30, 9:45 or 10:00 time seating). The late seating price includes your table for the evening, champagne toast at midnight and DJ. Both seatings are reservation only. You can make reservations here or call 202-232-4585.

2. Corduroy- Corduroy will be serving a special 3-course prix-fixe menu for $75/person. You can make a reservation here.

3. Acadiana - Four-course prix fixe menu, ($55-$60/person). Complimentary Champagne toast available for guests seated 9pm and later. You can make a reservation here.

4. Morrison Clark Restaurant - The Morrison Clark Restaurant will offer a 4-course menu featuring a twist on a few southern favorites for $75/person. You can make a reservation here.

5. Vinoteca - For $125/person or $200/couple, Vinoteca's the place to be for an open bar, food buffet, party favors, and a bubbly toast at mid-night, ($100/person, $180/couple before 12/20; $125/person, $200/couple after 12/20). You can make a reservation here.

6. Nellie's - No need for reservations at Nellie's, which will feature $3 Nellie beer and house vodka drinks until 10, $15 buckets of bud until midnight, champagne toasts, a d.j., party favors, and more.

7. Town Dance Boutique - Music will be by Ed Bailey upstairs and Wess downstairs. There will be a drag show at 10pm and, on the main stage, an over the top stage show featuring the X-Faction dance troupe and the Ladies of Town. Party favors for all and a neon-glowing explosion at midnight. Advance tickets are available at the Town box office during the day Wednesday starting at 2 pm (advance ticket holders may skip the line). Tickets at the door will also be $25. Doors open at 9pm.

Know of others I'm leaving off? Tell us in the comments!


Here's another option that was just brought to my attention -- New Year's Eve at the Space. It promises to be a relaxed option for New Year's Eve, featuring a Premium Open Bar from 9pm-3am, a champagne toast, heavy appertizers, all night breakfast, DJ Portarock, and DJ Sonny Cheeba. Tickets are available online until 9pm this evening
or can be purchased at "The Space" if available.


City Girl DC said...

Thanks for the list. I've been so out of touch with what's going on lately so its nice to know what's happening in my neighborhood. I went to Vegetate last year and it was fun.

FourthandEye said...

Wow, it's bad that my mind hastily processed the title of this post as "shoot outs". Glad I was wrong!

Unknown said...

Hey - I didn't know how to email or call, so I thought I would try this. In brief, I am director of a "startup" nonprofit organization, Mission:Drive, that fields racing teams comprised of disabled Iraq/Afghanistan vets - at this point amputees. Our 2009 plan is to place two cars in the La Carrera Panamerica (Oct. 23-29, 2009 The nice thing about this race (and other classic car rallies) is that - as opposed to "modern" racing - it is a single "big event" that can be run by a small team and competition is secondary to the community aspect of the race. Its not until October, so this should give us plenty of time to raise the necessary funds to acquire truly compete - meaning good cars, support, etc.

At this point we are in the infant stage, but things are moving fast. The classic car community is very good about support. So - I want to get some great space for these guys to work, hang out and heal. In short, my dream is to get one of the bigger spaces on Blagden Ally.

Any thoughts on where to start, who to call? I think this could be a great thing for the neighborhood as well. Thanks