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Thursday, July 10, 2008

Long View Gallery Presents Erotic Fruit

Well not really, but my title got your attention, right? The Long View Gallery presents its latest show, an exhibition of oil paintings by artist Richard Currier, tomorrow night (Friday, July 11) at an opening reception from 6 to 9 p.m. I've seen a few of Currier's pieces, and they are some of the most compelling, life-giving still lifes ever (and I'm pretty sure some of the fruit is, indeed, getting it on). From Long View's press release:
Richard Currier has been working on his vision of creating fine art for more than 20 years. His paintings bring ordinary objects to life through his finely tuned technique, which is similar to that of the masters. The drama he instills in his subjects through color, shape, positioning, and space, forms his contemporary and highly compelling body of work. Turbulent and wonderful, his renderings of fruits, vegetables, and meats, truly givelife to the still life and create an aura of mystery for anyone viewing his paintings.
“From simple arrangement to the very complex …objects become as characters in a stageplay, each with its own role that comes together in a
moment of clarity and purpose…I paintuntil the objects become more than what they are.”- Richard Currier
Richard is the recipient of dozens of awards, and has exhibited extensively throughout the United States. He isrepresented in the Contemporary Art Center of Virginia, Quinlan Museum, Daytona Museum of Art andScience, The Deland Museum of Art, and is represented in private collections throughout the United States.Richard is a full time practicing artist, a native of Florida and resides in Micco, on Florida's east coast.
Long View Gallery will will also have a preview of works by Tony Savoie for his upcoming solo show at the gallery in October. Savoie was awarded first place at the Boardwalk Art Show and Festival, hosted by the Contemporary Arts Center of Virginia, and has accumulated an impressive list of shows and awards over thepast two years as his career has taken off. Reverse oil paintings on sheets of acrylic form the foundation of hisshadowbox-like technique, with collaged images peeking through.

The Long View Gallery
1302 9th Street, NW


Anonymous said...

too bad we only have a "gallery" that offers up regional stuff that people purchase to decorate with, instead of offerings that true collectors might appreciate. i'm all for neighborhood boosterism, i just wish Long View would take the long view and appeal to more refined tastes. DC has seen an explosion in the number of residents who are in a position to do some serious collecting. this gallery doesn't appear to understand the difference between queens with condos and real collectors.

Shaw Rez said...

I think you're way off about Long View, anon. The artist of the current show, for example, has pieces in several museums and is a true fine artist. I think even the most discriminating collectors would agree that Currier's work is stunning. You should check it out for yourself.

While the gallery is certainly in it to make a profit, I think they consistently show collector-worthy art that's unique to D.C. Scott Brooks, Stacie Albano, their New American Paintings show, and on and on and on were all really high caliber exhibits. I think Long View is setting itself apart from other galleries as being a source for fine paintings.

Anonymous said...

Wow, anon at 3:09, way to be insulting on many levels, as well as condescending in one post.

I agree with Shaw Rez.