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Wednesday, February 20, 2008

(A VERY Special) Buy Me: 1501 9th Street, NW

This edition of ReNewShaw's "Buy Me" is particularly thrilling to me, as for a while I've thought about the unmet potential of this property. I'm happy to announce that 1501 9th Street, Northwest, current home to Wings Motor Cars (a shabby looking used car lot at best), is FOR SALE! While we were driving home from dinner tonight, I noticed the above banner hanging on the chain link fence at 9th and P Streets. I have no details regarding the sale other than the fact that the property is listed by Tony Lofrumento of Randall Hagner Real Estate.

I'm hoping this property changes hands soon and the car lot -- which is an eyesore and a pretty low use of such visible piece of real estate -- is replaced by a great new building. With the O Street Market development soon to occupy the land directly across the street from this plot and with all of the surrounding renewal apparent, I've got my fingers crossed that this property's destiny has greatness written all over it!

**UPDATE (2/21/08 at 10 a.m.)**

I found on the Randall Hagner website additional information. This prime corner lot is listed for sale at $550,000. The parcel is 2,304 square feet (or, I believe, .05 acres), making the square foot price $238.68. There is one curb cut on 9th Street (which I hope will be removed) and alley access.


Unknown said...


Perhaps this is also a harbinger of what's soon to come for the other delightful "car dealerships" of Shaw. I would also be delighted to see the one at P and Marion go bye-bye.

Long View Gallery said...

I agree beaconfire...

I think the prospect of the new O Street Market could make development of this piece of land very tempting... especially considering the price ($550,000). I'd love retail first floor ( a nice restaurant to complement QofS) with market rate condos up top? Abdo please.

Shaw Rez said...

FYI, the C2A zoning designation "Permits matter-of-right low density development, including office, retail, and all kinds of residential uses to a maximum lot occupancy of 60% for residential use, a maximum FAR of 2.5 for residential use and 1.5 FAR for other permitted uses, and a maximum height of fifty (50) feet"

Anonymous said...

So, how do we make sure Shiloh doesn't snatch this up for another parking lot?

Anonymous said...

bu-bye wing motors good riddance

now can we please get rid of the car lot at new york and 4th on the northeast corner?