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Saturday, September 22, 2012

Buy Me: 1600 Eighth, Unit 1

This morning, I spotted a for sale sign in front of the newly renovated 1600 Eighth Street, NW.  A brief internet sleuthing session led me to the listing for Unit 1 of the building, viewable here (with interior photos).  According to the listing, the unit is a two story, three bedroom, two and a half bath residence with an 800 foot private roof deck.  The finishes look very nice, and the location is unbeatable (a block from the metro, a block from the upcoming CityMarket at O, on beautiful Eighth Street).  The asking price is $895,000.

Here's a photo of the place today:

And for old times sake, here is a photo from the same vantage taken in 2007.  It was then owned by Shiloh Baptist Church and had  been vacant for many years:


Mari said...

Wait, this is not the one the couple bought and fixed up, or is it the other one?

Shaw Rez said...

no -- this is the northwest corner. It was made into two condominiums.

the couple purchased the opposite corner -- 1543 -- and made it into a single family home. It also looks beautiful, and they're living in it now.

What a difference at this intersection in just a few years!

Susan Isaacs Realtor said...

This is a rehab of the former Shiloh Baptist Church property to duplex by Sledmere LLC, who also developed on 10th & Rhode Island.