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Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Seasonal Pantry's Ice Cream Club Is Back!

Seasonal Pantry bringing back its popular ice cream club, just in time for warmer weather. Here's what they say:
Ice Cream Club is finally back and will run from the end of spring through summer. It works like a CSA, or Community-Supported Agriculture buying scheme, where members pay a farmer at the beginning of the season and receive a load of fruits and veggies every week.

Here's what we’ve got to offer
Every week of our club includes four 8-ounce portions of ice cream and sometimes sorbet.

What flavors do I get?
Every week will include two different flavors of ice cream or sorbet. Some examples from last year include cruller-doughnut, banana-bread crunch, and Turkish coffee/cardamom.

That's a total of 32 ounces per week, equivalent to two pints of Ben & Jerry's. We will use locally sourced products when available for our inspirations. If you have allergies or dietary restrictions, let us know. We don’t discriminate.

Where do I get my ice cream?
We will have pickups at Seasonal Pantry's new shop located at:
1314 1/2 9th St., NW, Washington, DC 20001
Tuesday-Saturday, 11am–7:30pm | Sunday, 9am–3pm

When are pickups?
June 7th and 8th
June 14th and 15th
June 21st and 22nd
June 28th and 29th

If you can't make a pickup date, the ice cream is here for you when the shop is open. When possible, we ask you to please pickup on the dates provided; we have limited staffing and space to hold the ice cream.

How much is the club?
The cost of the club is $50 and we are accepting up to 100 members.

Where do I sign up?

Click here to visit our Clubs page online!
Seasonal Pantry's new store's projected opening date is June 7, and I'm counting down the days....

Seasonal Pantry
1314 1/2 Ninth Street, NW

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IMGoph said...

hmm....this is very, very hard to say no to.