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Thursday, March 10, 2011

Seasonal Pantry Coming to Ninth

Tweeted photo of new store location
from Seasonal Pantry
According to its Twitter feed and to DC Mud, Seasonal Pantry will open a store at 1314 1/2 Ninth Street (next to Cre8 Space Studio)!   Seasonal Pantry describes itself as offering a product line that is "a tribute to roadside farm stands and old-fashioned markets. It's a neighborhood store offering all sorts of house-made small-batch products, specialty foods, and local and imported goods. Think of us as a cross between an old-world butcher, an Italian pasta shop, and a family grocery."  Founded by Ali Bagheri and Daniel O'Brien, Seasonal Pantry already has a loyal following through a variety of food of the month clubs, such as soup of the month, sausage of the month, and ice cream of the month clubs.    

As previously reported, Seasonal Pantry also has another venture in the works for the same address.  SUNdeVICH will front Naylor Court and offer a menu of delicious, globally inspired, locally sourced sandwiches. 

What an exciting epicenter of unique commerce 1314 Ninth has become!


Anonymous said...

SAH-WEET!!! Remember writing this -

quite a turnaround!

ML said...

Awesome. Count me as a future regular. Especially if this turns into what I'm imagining... Italian Store (in Arlington) + Timor (Bloomingdale). Bonus if you can stock it with craft beer and decent wine, if you can get the liquor license.

Jim said...

here's what it looked like 3 years ago:

1314 said...

As the owners of 1314 + 1/2 we consider ourselves very fortunate to have Ali and Dan in our buildings. Super guys with great ideas.

Also need to send thanks to Ralph for lighting a fire under us with both his 'diamond-in-the-rough' post and his support of the vacant property tax. That's why we started renovation- shame and fear.

We were sorry to lose Wounded Warrior Action Group whose founder was too wounded to keep it going, but are happy to welcome to the office speechwriters and communication experts Inkwell Strategies, whose owner is a Shaw resident.

We are now 100% occupied and look ever forward to a renewed Shaw!

Alexandra said...

I don't live in the neighborhood, but I love SP's sausages! I'll be making a few special trips to visit!