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Monday, January 03, 2011

2011 Neighborhood Resolutions

If you're still contemplating resolutions for the new year, here are a few neighborhood-oriented ones to consider:
1. Pick up at least one piece of trash outside a day.

2. Volunteer in our neighborhood -- opportunities abound to suit a range of interests (pitch in at a school, the library, the Kennedy Recreation Center, or one of our many great non-profits, like Bread for the City).

3. Organize and/or participate in a neighborhood watch for your block.

4. Become a graffiti fighter. Buy paint now and be prepared to paint over tags as they appear to prevent chronic tagging.

5. Eat/Shop/Drink local. Our neighborhood small businesses represent significant investments in our community and help make us a unique destination in the city. Help them thrive by patronizing them and encouraging others to do the same
Any other suggestions?

One of my resolutions is to resume regular blogging and to make this site a better resource for and about the Shaw neighborhood.


1314 said...

Happy New Year Ralph- Congratulations on the beautiful new look and good luck with your resolutions!! We look forward seeing more of you keeping us up on Shaw events.

Emily said...

Attend an ANC meeting and of course read more neighborhood blog info, hell maybe even meet a new neighbor! Love the other suggestions as well