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Sunday, March 14, 2010

I Tweet

While I am a few years behind the curve, today I broke down and started a twitter account for I added a button to the right, where you can now follow my every move in and around the neighborhood (and beyond). I think this could be a useful tool for updates that might not be worthy of full on posts.


IMGoph said...

welcome to the dark side!

ML said...

Sort of. I'm not convinced that Twitter is the 'grail' of micro-blogging that people make it out to be. Surely people have a need/desire to blast out to their networks in such a way, but I'm not sold on Twitter being the network that will hold this audience. The rules are somewhat arbitrary, and I've already heard rumors of the younger generations bucking Twitter for other channels. Just food for thought as I eat my lunch from SxSW Interactive. Keep blogging - your're a Shaw rock star.