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Monday, March 15, 2010

Dickson Wine Bar Opens

Last Friday night on a whim, a few of us popped in the newly opened Dickson Wine Bar for a quick drink. As a result, I officially have a new neighborhood obsession: the small, cozy, and modern three level establishment is really cool. Featuring communal seating, the place has a really friendly vibe (it kinda reminded us of restaurants in Chicago that we adore, The Bristol and avec). The wine list is approachable and not too pricey, and the food selections all look tasty (think meat/cheese plates, flatbreads, desserts and the like -- I only looked quickly, but it does not seem like a place you'd go for a huge meal).

The Prince of Petworth posted a preview of the long-anticipated wine bar last week.

Dickson Wine Bar
903 U Street, Northwest

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