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Thursday, January 07, 2010

Convention Center Hotel Still In Legal Limbo

The Washington Business Journal reports that the City's most recent plea that the court reconsider its denial of the City's motion to dismiss has been denied, meaning that the lawsuit is still moving forward.

Last summer, we were excited about the prospect of a Fall 2009 groundbreaking on this important area project. The lawsuit, which reportedly is more about a beef between plaintiff JBG and Marriott over the Marriott Wardman Park hotel rather than about the convention center hotel itself, undermines the prospect of us seeing a hotel groundbreaking anytime soon, which ultimately hurts our neighborhood's restaurants and retailers.

The Business Journal's Blog provides a glimmer of hope, however, in reporting that Councilman Evans has prompted the parties to the suit in settlement talks.


ML said...

Great. On the upside, at least the lawyers are making money...

Glad to hear that Jack E. is trying to work this out and wish him well. Would go a long way in convincing me that he's an effective councilman if does.

Didn't they already have conventions booked dependent on rooms being available in said hotel for 2013? Wonder if those convention contracts might result in financial penalties for WCCA/the city.

I find this just so frustrating, as the will and the money is there to get this done.

Davester said...

I hate it just as much as everyone else does that a hotel has not been built but JBG is right.

The city should have seized all the land on 7th & 9th streets from Mass Ave up to O street to create a successful/welcoming environment for tourist/convention goers. Seven years later and we still have the same crap on both sides -- no offense to the businesses that are trying to make the area work. Until the other property owners get off their collective butts and cleanup and return their properties to actual use the Convention Center will continue to fail. As a person that has gone to plenty of conventions in other cities, the last thing someone wants to see is a freak'n ghetto out the window. Again no offense to the hard work'n neighbors and businesses in the area but that is what people see when you have boarded up buildings and blocks of nothing.