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Monday, December 14, 2009

Spotted: Work Commences By New Owner of 1600 Eighth Street

In October, Shiloh Baptist Church sold its long vacant property at 1600 Eighth Street, Northwest (as evidenced by this listing). Kudos to the church for selling this notable corner property; this sale will help improve the safety, beauty and health of our neighborhood.

This past weekend, I noticed a new fence around 1600 Eighth Street and signs of construction. This initial work is likely for the purposes of stabilizing the property and making necessary interim repairs. Another round of permitting will ensue once the major overhaul plans for the property are in place.

Gleaning what I can from the online permit record, the new owner is a developer who won an award from the mayor's office for a fantastic building he constructed a few years ago at Tenth and Rhode Island. With that project as a exemplary of his work, I can't wait to see what he does with 1600 Eighth!


Anonymous said...

anyone know the status of the Shiloh property across the street?

Anonymous said...

hey, do you know who owns the slew of boarded buildings at 9th and L?

Anonymous said...

I live at 8th and Q -- during the holiday break, we met the people who have PURCHASED (YAY!!!) the building at 1543 8th Street (the corner diagonally across from 1600 8th St). So, the building has been sold, and the owner is expected to begin work soon to turn 1543 into a single family residence (again, YAY!). So, after 40+ years of neglect and abandonment, all the properties at the corners of 8th and Q are now (or will be) occupied by real people. Change is finally coming!

Shaw Rez said...

Anon--1543 sold?! WOOT WOOT! I haven't heard this before now... This is awesome news!!!

Anonymous said...

Shaw rez -- yep it sold - the guys have been in and out of the building multiple times over the past 2 weeks. I also know that 1600 is actively being worked on (until the permits are final, he is limited in what he can do) too. Very worthy of the Woot Woot!