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Friday, December 11, 2009

Weekend Shoutout: Shop in Shaw

In an e-mail blast, Old City Green sent out the following shopping list of great gifts from Shaw merchants:
1) A massage or gift card at Lunar Massage
2) A pie from Chatman's Bakery
3) A bottle of "Spirits" from Modern Liquor
4) A trinket from Abou Master Goldsmith
5) A gift basket or gift certificate from Maruka
6) A squeaky toy from Wag Time
7) Discounts on Christmas items at 5th St. Ace Hardware
8) A gift of membership to Results Gym
9) Check out EarPEACE (
9) A tree and greens and more from Old City Green
There are, of course, many other fantastic gift options from our great neighborhood. Long View Gallery offers some small original oil paintings that would make a great and unique gift. Gifts certificates from any of our fantastic coffee shops (e.g., Azi's, First Cup, and Chatman's) or restaurants (e.g., Corduroy, Etete, 1905) or health spots (e.g., Shakti, Pilates in the Alley).

Feel free to leave suggestions in the comments, and happy shopping this weekend!

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