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Wednesday, November 18, 2009

1600 Eighth Street: Sold!

According to this online listing, long-vacant 1600 Eighth Street, Northwest (MLS No. DC7146640) sold on October 31, 2009. The stated closing price is $415,000, $35,000 under asking. The new owner's name does not yet appear in the online Real Property Database. Here's to hoping we see a great renovation of this gorgeous, highly visible corner property soon!

Caddy-cornered 1543 Eighth Street, Northwest is still for sale (check out its listing here). I have my fingers crossed that someone will purchase 1543 soon, too, and thereby bring this entire intersection into a new era of viability and beauty!

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Anonymous said...

The green corner townhome across the street is also being gutted and rehabilitated after being abandonded for a long time. That stretch of 8th street between RI avenue and the hopefully-to-be-rehabilitated O street market is going to be really nice. Hopefully the Addison Square project, which used to be the Sec. 8 Kelsey Gardens, will continue to move forward as well.

Anyone have an update on Lincoln Westmoreland II not renewing their Sec. 8 license in 2010? There has been such a ridiculous amount of crime there recently, I'm sorry to say I'm eager to see it go the way of Kelsey Gardens.