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Wednesday, November 18, 2009

PoP Previews The Passenger

. . . and our newest neighborhood destination looks AWESOME. Check out the preview here!


ML said...

Nice! The place looks fantastic and how interesting bars should look. also has a good preview post of the Passenger as well:

The "God Save the District" slogan is a bit cheeky. Not sure what the insinuation is... do we need saving? If so, from what? 2012? Mothra? Congressional oversight?!

In other restaurant news, looks like the middle eastern place at 5th and R is starting to move forward too:

FourthandEye said...

I'm pretty sure the "God Save the District" is nothing more than a play on the punk rock anthem God Save the Queen from the Sex Pistols. The name of the bar was derived from another punk rock source - an Iggy Pop song called The Passenger.