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Monday, August 17, 2009

Watering Street Trees

Inspired by Bloomingdale (for now)'s recent posts on trees dying due to the generally dry conditions since June, I just ordered two tree gator slow-drip watering systems for the street tree in front of my house and for another young tree down the block. The gator bag delivers a high volume of water directly to the root system of a newly planted tree with no run-off or evaporation over a 9 hour period (of course, it needs to be re-filled regularly for ongoing effectiveness). Having been a frequent requester of street tree replacement through the city's online service request, I would hate to see these new trees die due to a lack of watering.

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IMGoph said...

awesome! glad to hear you're taking the initiative. a lot of the comments on my most recent post are coming from people who believe that there should be no street trees in front of homes/businesses that did not explicitly request them.

i think that idea is bunk.

what if i don't want a street light on my block? what if i don't want a paved street? the fact is that i live in the city and we are a community that has to depend on each other—we're not rugged individuals in the mountain woods here.

sure, the city can and should do more with regards to trees and their upkeep. more public access to water for the trees (or actually hiring people whose job it is to daily canvass the city watering trees to ensure their health) would be the way to go, if you ask me.