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Tuesday, June 02, 2009

Independence Bank Headquarters Coming to 9th and N

Douglas Development's celebrated and historic mixed use project at Ninth and N Streets, Northwest, will soon be home to the headquarters of Independence Bank and a retail bank branch of the same. As I walked up the 1200 block of Connecticut Avenue last night, I saw the attached sign in their window announcing that their move to Shaw should occur at the end of this month. It appears that the build-out of their space will commence this week (permits were approved yesterday), so it could be a tight deadline to make.

I think lower Ninth Street should benefit from being home to the headquarters of a bank. The bank will likely be a strong corporate partner in its continued renewal and will bring patrons to the area during the daytime.


Kendall said...

My office is near 9th & N, in Blagden Alley, and it will be v. nice to have a bank and ATM in the area. I was hoping for a good restaurant, though... On a related note: hey, person, yr blog rocks, but you should cover Blagden Alley more: lots going on over here, including renovations, new biznesses, etc. Good stuff.

Shaw Rez said...

Thanks, Kendall! I would love to include more Blagden Alley content.

Hopefully your restaurant desires will be satisfied by the "white tablecloth" restaurant going in at 1230 9th Street OR by the restaurant that will hopefully occupy the soon-to-be-renovated space next to the new Long View Gallery at 1234 9th!

Relatedly, I ate at Taylor Gourmet Deli on H Street NE this weekend -- I'd kill for a place like that to open on lower 9th!

Kendall said...

Yes, the Long View gallery/restaurant combo thing shld be great. I coveted that space for years. :>

Re: Blagden Alley stuff, I'd be happy to meet you for a quick walkaround to show you what's happening over here.

Shaw Rez said...

oooh, cool, Kendall! email me at slumhistorique at yahoo dot com, and we can work out logistics!

ML said...

Can't say I'm too excited by a bank there, which will be dead space in the evening. That corner spot could have been such a great restaurant... Oh well, at least there will be more foot traffic during the day.

Yeah, if anyone wants help in trying to persuade those guys at Taylor into opening up on 9th, count me in! They do deliver as far west as 7th st. NW and as far north as Florida currently. Maybe if you ask really nicely they would deliver to 9th as well.