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Tuesday, October 07, 2008

Wagtime Expansion

As I reported a while back, the building that houses Wagtime Pet Spa and Boutique at 1232 9th Street, Northwest is undergoing a massive renovation. Pretty reliable word on the street informs me that the building is being madeover to consolidate Wagtime's grooming, boarding and retail operations, which are currently divided into two separate locations. The finished result should be pretty awesome. Grooming will take place on the ground level/basement area in a state of the art grooming facility. The first floor will house an expanded, beautiful store featuring all your furry loved one could ever want or need. The second floor will be a boarding facility with an outdoor dog run terrace in the back. The third floor will feature a residential apartment for a Wagtime employee. It sounds awesome, and it's great to know a local business is succeeding and expanding.

Wagtime Pet Spa and Boutique
1232 9th Street, NW
202.789.0870/1 (daycare and boarding)
202.234.8825/6 (grooming and dog walking)


Mari said...

The employee residence sounds like a great thing, creating more of a live/work environment.

Mr. Q said...

Good to hear Shawrez...

Wasn't sure how good of a neighbor Wagtime was going to be...seemed like they weren't really putting much effort into the place, but this sounds promising!

Anonymous said...

my only concern is.. will anyone be there overnight when your pets are boarded there?

Anonymous said...

I've had my kitties groomed there, and am quite happy with the results. A place like this is a great service to the community.

Anonymous said...

In response to the anon comment about people staying overnight - yes someone is always spending the night with the dogs. Around holiday times, the Lisa and Ofer bring in more overnight staff as the boarding volume increases. Overall, it's a great place for daycare and boarding. My dog is always happily exhausted when she comes home and the staff is very friendly, love dogs and always have a smile.