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Friday, October 10, 2008

I Am Now Obsessed with 1905

Last night, we decided to try 1905 -- the new bistro and bar on upper 9th -- for dinner. All I can say is, "wow." This place is awesome. And I mean awesome. Located on the second floor of the building that formerly housed Grape Legs (R.I.P.), the space itself is warm and interesting and dark and, well, just really sexy. The food is great (check out a rough menu here; I think some of the items and prices are slightly different). I had the angus burger with red onion marmalade (to die for) and gouda, and I found it delicious. Others at the table loved their mixed greens salad and their scallops, among other things tried. The bar area looks really cool too; I would happily wait for my table -- or just go for a drink --there anytime.

All to say, this is a truly cool addition to our neighborhood's offerings, will undoubtedly generate a lot of buzz, and is sure to be a destination for years to come.

1905 9th Street, NW
Open for dinner at 5 p.m., seven days a week


Anonymous said...

Well, different strokes for folks and all that... I went to 1905 and thought the food was good, but not great, and the portions skimpy. But the decor and atmosphere are certainly very nice.

Anonymous said...

I totally disagree with 'jm' - I went Saturday and was utterly charmed!! Adored the atmosphere, the servers were friendly and non-hovering, the food was simple without being anywhere even resembling boring; can't wait to take friends, or go by myself and sit at the bar with a book. LOVE it. -kh

ML said...

We hit 1905 with friends for the first time on Monday night, after having tried to go two Fridays before with no reservations when the wait was pushing an hour. Monday was quieter, but still a number of folks in for dinner.

The mixed green salad with marmalade and gouda cheese burger I had were both outstanding. The Montepulciano d'Abruzzo we had was good - though more wine than we needed at 1.5 liters for 4.

Ambiance was also nice. They smartly switched over from the Radiohead on the sound system to bop jazz as the place started filling up. Decor was interesting; it looked like gothic and mod styles mixed together, very cool to my untrained eye.

We enquired about Grape Legs, the old wine store below. We were told that plans were to either expand the restaurant downstairs or try and reopen a wine store in that space at some point.

I'm excited to have these guys on 9th street and hope we see more like it to come.