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Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Progress Continues at 9th and Q

It appears that the foundation work for the four unit project at 9th and Q Streets is almost complete. This project is going to be awesome when complete, and has already done wonders for a plot of land once dubbed "Lake Woodson" by neighbors.


ML said...

It is very exciting... looking forward too to see what they do with the old "Shaw Nature Trail" as well.

Also, there are 2 row house lots being built on farther east on Q b/n 6th and 5th. One is next to the old 6 n' Q Market and the other is on the corner of 5th.

Finally, this morning on the dog walk I noticed what looked like a truck loaded with dry-wall and a ladder up on the Shiloh property at the corner of 8th and Q. Hopefully they're renovating the place and not just trying to hold it up again.

Bring on the fill-in construction!

IMGoph said...

change for shaw!

BTW - have you noticed that there have been attempts at bringing back a message on the second line of the "bienvenue a shaw" sign? i saw one a week or so ago that said something like "slum neglected"....can't remember exactly.

Shaw Rez said...

ML - Interesting leads; I'll look into them and try to get some pictures up. I agree, bring on the infill and renewal!

I am unaware of permits pulled for the rehab of the Shiloh properties at 8th and Q. While it would be nice to see those properties brought back to life, I can't imagine Shiloh could do a quality, historically appropriate rehab (see, e.g., that iron stair repair at 1533 9th... not exactly a historic or beautiful fix).

imgoph - I have noticed it (and for once I saw the messagenger at work!). I think it now says something like "Crime et negligence."

Will said...

I read that as Lake Awesome. Even better!

si said...

goodbye to lake woodson...but woodson pond persists at that funky aslh, oh what the heck is that acronym? you know, that place on Q bet marion & 7th. in the back, woodson pond.

Mr. Q said...

This is great to see something besides a dirt pile there!!

Someone has painted over Crime et negligence now...which I'm happy to see...what happened to Jack E's "negotiations" with slumlord Mr. Sendar to do something with "Le Slum"???

loganmo said...

Just of curioisty...why the much less frequent postings lately?

Shaw Rez said...

loganmo - I've been so slack in posting basically all year! Ugh! My apologies, but thanks for noticing (it'll motivate me to get back to it).

No one reason is really to blame -- work's been increasingly demanding of my free time, I haven't been in neighborhood-explore-mode so don't have much new to discuss, my brother's wedding and related family stuff, etc. etc.

I'm still here and excited about Shaw, though...