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Thursday, July 24, 2008

1124 9th Progresses

In May, I posted about a major overhaul coming to 1124 9th Street. The redevelopment will utilize the existing one story facade and add three modern stories over the rear portion of the building. The mixed use development, which is directly adjacent to Corduroy, will add vibrancy to the convention center area with ground floor retail and residences above.

From the roof of the Whitman recently, I observed the laying of new foundation of this building. This morning, I noticed that a crane has been set up in the alley and that the structural steel is being installed. While I love seeing renderings of what people dream up for places, I love even more when those plans become reality!


IMGoph said...

amazing to finally see 9th street come to life. you should get some wide shots of whole blocks if you can, so you have something to compare the street with in 5 years.

ML said...

Saw this as well on am jaunt with the smell-hound.

Also, I noticed some other things going on up the street: looks like the two floors above Wagtime are being actively renovated. Workers were in there this am with hard hats, gutting the place.

This is right next to that old welding shop that has air building rights associated with it is. I believe that location (welding shop) has a Douglas Development banner on it.

Anyone know what is going on with those properties?

Also, there's a dumpster farther north on 9th just before you get to BeBar. Maybe something else is going on in that stretch as well?

Drew said...

The dumpster farther up 9th is for the building just to the south of Be Bar. It was bought by the folks that did the Ellington on U st. Apparently, same old same old, retail first floor, apartments/condo above.

I'm sure it will be an awesome building if they can stop getting stop work orders. A couple of weeks ago I was walking in the alley behind that building and noticed their "demolition" included the party wall between it and Be Bar, exposing the studs (no pun intended) and speakers inside Be Bar to the elements.

anderlank said...

As a fellow Whitman resident, I am very excited about this development! Some new retail will be a welcome addition to that strip. A specialty food store/bodega with decent produce would be really nice.