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Friday, June 06, 2008

New Long View Exhibition Provides an Early Look

Tomorrow night from 5 to 8 p.m., the Long View Gallery celebrates its latest show with an opening reception.

From the press release:

F. Lennox Campello has been a force in the world of art for over 30 years. His experience has trained his eye for the discovery of artistic greatness. Campello’s artwork has been shown in galleries and museums across the globe, and his critical writing has been published in newspapers and art magazines as well as on his wildly popular art blog, DC Art News. He has curated nearly 50 exhibitions and is often heard on NPR and the Voice of America discussing art. Now, he is sharing his success with a new crop of artists making their way through the ranks of undergraduate art school.

After spending six months scouring the numerous art schools along the Mid-Atlantic, and running into more than his fair share of personalities, the likes of which have been immortalized in the film Art School Confidential, Lenny selected a stellar group of nine artists. These nine artists have talents ranging from oils on canvas to printmaking, from photography to etchings and from video work to installation. They each have a truly interesting point of view.

If you’ve forgotten the creative freedom that comes with being an art school student, the willingness to explore through creative expression, join us for this “Early Look” of what’s to come.

Featured artists will include Moore College of Art & Design students Krista Rothwell, Erika Risko, Lauren Albert and Melanie Bergwall, Corcoran College of Art + Design student Marissa Valko, MICA student Anton Merbaum, American University student Caitlin Servillo, Virginia Commonwealth University student Deborah Shapiro, St. Mary’s College of Maryland student Jenny Davis, George Mason University students Aaron Miller, Ryan McCloy and Tanya Wilson, and West Chester University of Pennsylvania student Meghan Buozis.

Sounds like another great show at Long View!

The Long View Gallery
1302 9th Street, NW


DG-rad said...

im sorry but what the h is that a painting of?

Shaw Rez said...


yeah, it's a painting of what you probably think it is: a bride with her groom, who has a knife in one hand, his pants down with blood "down there," and a jar with his unmentionables in the other.

From what I understand, the painting based on a true story from the artist's life. On her wedding night, her new husband had to undergo an emergency procedure in which his testicles were removed.

And, fyi, I saw that the painting sold at last week's opening.

si said...

narly! hey remember that guy who cut off a smidge of his unmentionables, stuck it on the wall at Warehouse, & called it art?hehe