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Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Coming Soon: Veranda Patio Seating?

This morning I saw a sign posted on the glass doors by Veranda's patio indicating that they have submitted an application with DDOT for a "sidewalk cafe." I presume this means that the large cement patio along P Street might soon be a spot for dining. I think that patio could be the perfect late afternoon/early evening spot for a glass of wine with friends or for weekend brunch, so hope they're successful in getting the application approved. Anyone got any inside info?

1100 P Street, NW


loganmo said...

I've seen tables out with people dining in terms of onsies and twosies.

Scott said...

They're working on it. The 2-tops are all that is allowed until they get full approval. Not sure why there hasn't been any action on the permit application, which was filed a year ago. The owner mentioned that there's a meeting of the Public Space Committee on Thursday 5/29. I certainly hope this happens for them -- what a great neighborhood spot!