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Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Kelsey Gardens To Become Addison Square?

I randomly perused Metropolitan Development's to see if there are any updates on the Kelsey Gardens Redevelopment (which will totally makeover the western side of the 1500 block of 7th Street and the north side of the 700 block of P Street with new residences with tons of amenities, ground level retail and below grade parking). One interesting thing I learned is that the project will be called "Addison Square." I'm all for ditching the Kelsey Gardens moniker, but Addison Square doesn't really do it for me -- it sounds kinda suburban. What do you think?

Anyway, here's the rest of Metropolitan Development's project description for Kelsey Gardens--err, Addison Square:
Washington, DC
1 Acre
256 Apartments
15,000SF Retail

Addison Square is an exciting example of the redevelopment potential that exists to transform deteriorating apartment communities into unique high-rise mixed-income residential communities. Addison Square is located in Washington, DC, one block north of the new Convention Center and situated in a rapidly progressing neighborhood that has a unique mix of retail, office, public space, and residential lifestyles.

Metropolitan Development worked carefully to create a development plan that included a large percentage of affordable units. Of the 256 apartments units on this 1 acre site, 54 will be provided for low income residents. 15,000 square feet of street front retail has also been incorporated into this urban fill project. Addison Square will contain numerous community features such as a state-of-the-art fitness facilities, underground parking, clubroom, and cyber cafe. Addison Square is another project that further illustrates Metropolitan Development's development goals of creating successful development in high-barrier to entry markets.
I can't wait for this project to get going.


IMGoph said...

there's no 'square' there, so yeah, the name sounds dumb. maybe you could do a little digging or ask them if there is a historical basis for the name.

Mr. Q said...

I can't wait for this project to get going either!!

Does anyone know the current status of where its at? Last I heard the developer was meeting with residents that would be affected by the height of the building? I'm assuming that means 8th Street residents? Any progress beyond that? Anyone?

Anonymous said...

no 8th street meetings have occurred. I believe they intend to break ground in April, however, i don't beleiev this developer has much experience with projects in DC, more particularly, how difficult it is to move forward on a timely basis.

ML said...

Break ground in April?? If this even happens - and given the trouble Roadside is having getting their TIF for the Market at O St., and this developer's success staked to a similar sizable TIF, this is a big IF in my mind - ground-breaking is probably years away. After all Kelsey is still occupied with remaining tenants with no word of when they might clear out.

Anonymous said...

As much as I like the project and I am happy with every improvements towards beautification, I am not sure it will turn into a really attractive, vibrant area... Giant Food is not Whole Foods, and Starbucks is everywhere, no need to add more cliche... I would prefer smaller chains like Open City, ACKC or Bus Boys and Poets. In 14th street, Bang & Olufsen is about to open, and "il Posto" (a new restaurant by the same owner as the delicious Tosca downtown) will replace Viridian. Besides, the Studio Theater and art galleries add positively to the area. If "Addison Square" will be a replica of the "new" Columbia Heights, with Target, Best Buy and the like (and still a lot of fast food),it will be like living in a Mall. I went to see this "new" Columbia H. once and I found it really depressing. If it is so, No thanks! But I hope to be wrong...

Anonymous said...

Addison Square sounds like a great addition to the Shaw neighborhood if done correctly. I'd be skeptical of Metropole Development, they have a TERRIBLE track record as far as developers go.

Anonymous said...

Has anyone heard / seen any updates to the future for Kelsey Square? It seems the date of demo / rebuilding moves and moves and moves. Any word?