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Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Park Infrastructure

Carter G. Woodson Park
Originally uploaded by Rob Goodspeed.
I have noticed some common elements to several triangle parks around the city: notably, asphault surfacing and iron fencing with no raison d'etre (like in this photo of the Carter Woodson "park" at 9th and Q Streets and Rhode Island Avenue).

Does anyone know why or when these fences fencing no one in and this pavement paving no way were added to our parks?


BobC said...

I'm afraid I have no answers but only questions...

Does anyone know the current status of the park renovation here at 9th & Q & Rhode Island?

I remember reading something here and on the Goodspeed Update a few months back that there was some funding holdups?? Any resolution or is everything on hold?

Anonymous said...

I think the fences are meant to direct people through the park using the intended paths. Without the fences, people might cut through grassy areas/flower beds, damaging the limited greenscaping.