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Wednesday, April 30, 2008

NPS's National Parks Week at the Bethune Site

In walking by the Mary McLeod Bethune Council House National Historic Site in Logan Circle today, I noticed a banner advertising National Parks Week hanging out front amidst the carefully tended flower garden. It appears that National Parks Week has come and gone (it ran from April 19 to 27), and that the Bethune site featured Arrowhead Talks during the week.
Every time I walk by this NPS Site, I think of how it contrasts to our very own Carter G. Woodson Home Historic Site. The Woodson site seemingly receives minimal care or attention from the NPS whilst awaiting the NPS's promised renovation and utilization of the place. I'm unaware of any progress made by the NPS in bringing the Woodson project closer to reality since the February 2007 community update meeting. I wish they would, at very least, seal over the areas in which homeless individuals store their belongings. I think it would be nice to see planters placed on the front steps with seasonal flowers like those at the Bethune site. An update from the NPS would also be appreciated.

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14th & You said...

I think that the neglect is due to a subjective judgment by NPS about the quality of the neighborhood. When Logan was less populated and more crime ridden, the circle park looked awful. Not that this rationale would justify letting a landmark rot and become a nuisance.