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Thursday, March 27, 2008

Howard Theater's Web Rebirth

Howard Theater Restoration, Inc. ("HRT"), the nonprofit group behind the rebirth of the Howard Theater, has a really schnazzy new website, complete with tons of information and images. Check it out here. The mission of HTR is "to raise funds to revitalize, preserve and protect the historic Howard Theatre in Washington, DC."

Their vision for the historic theater and for our great neighborhood is awesome:
Together with the City, HTR and its partners will reestablish the historic U Street/Shaw and LeDroit Park neighborhoods as an art and entertainment destination where residents can live, work and play. As part of their corporate commitment to the neighborhood, Radio-One, the nation's premier African-American media company, is set to move their headquarters on the same square block as The Howard Theatre. The Howard Theatre will be the crown jewel of the arts district development.
Can you imagine what this area's going to be like in a few years with the Howard Theater reborn and the completion of the nearby Broadcast Center One and Wonder Bread developments?!?

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Chris L said...

If they're gonna knock some windows into the thing, they might as well go all out and put in larger ones that really open the place up. Those windows in the renderings are so small for a building with so many blank walls.