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Monday, February 18, 2008

Buy Me: 1519 9th Street, NW

I was recently pointed to this listing, which advertises that 1519 9th is for sale for $399,900. This building abuts the parking lot owned by Shiloh Baptist Church that adjoins their daycare facility. The listing advertises that it is a "4 unit" building (I *believe* it was a rooming-house type set-up previously) and that the place "needs work." The listing omits any reference to on-site parking, but I'm pretty sure there's 1 or 2 spaces off the alley.

Zoned R-4, I think 1519 9th Street could be fixed up into a nice (and large) single family home or into two (good-sized) condos. It seems like a great buy given its location and size. Regardless of what's in store, I'm hopeful that a new owner will soon restore the facade to its prior glory (first step: take down those awful aluminum awnings).


Mari said...

"Prior glory"? What was that? Those particular awnings might be awful but I've been told that awnings can shade a window thus reducing the need for energy usage to cool the house. Besides they have a certain middle class- working class charm about them.

Shaw Rez said...

hah! Thanks, Mari -- I concede "prior glory" might be an overstatement...

Nonetheless, the facade could likely be made much nicer if taken back to a more original look. On closer inspection walking by the place, the bricks at the top do not look like they are original to a 1900 house. Ditto for the Perma-stone on the first story. I'm guessing the bricks and the Perma-Stone were added at the same time. It would be nice if the whole front were made all brick.

The front door does not look like it fits the opening very well, and certainly doesn't look historically accurate.

The windows are ok from afar--nothing fancy or new and they might be aluminum.

And the awnings, despite their functionality, look tired and don’t add to the house’s curb appeal.

si said...

I'm all for preservation but i wont cry if that one got torn down. I saw the inside in 2002 when they were doing a slap happy renovation...funky. not a fan of awnings, id rather plant a tree in front.

Anonymous said...

even for the gut-job it appears to be, i agree w/shaw rez that it seems like a good deal. just hoping shiloh doesn't buy it and expand their kingdom of filth.