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Thursday, December 06, 2007

Eco Chic in Shaw

An ad for Lofts 11, a cool, earth-friendly, boutique condominium building nearing completion at 1125 11th Street, NW (between L and M on 11th Street).


IMGoph said...

oh wow. check out their website, then click on the 'noma' link on the right side of the page. apparently this developer considers the condo to be in that neighborhood, even though it's more than 10 blocks west of there!

their map just plain sucks too. they label vegetate as just "V" (must have walked by the building, saw the sign outside and figured that was good enough) and their placement of a lot of things is just wrong wrong wrong. ten penh is at 10th and penn (duh) and their dot puts it at 12th and penn.

god it sucks being a edit cartographer sometimes....

Shaw Rez said...

haha... yeah, the NoMa neighborhood designation--a creation of marketing in itself, I believe--doesn't stretch to 11th Street, NW. I guess Lofts 11 is equating anything North of Mass as NoMa.

In addition to the "egetate" of Vegetate, their neighborhood amenities list also leaves out a lot of great destinations: there's no mention of Breakwell's (which will hopefully reopen very soon), Long View, The Space, be bar, Old Dominion, etc. etc. etc.

Nonetheless, the building looks very cool and is in a location poised for greatness: major streetscape improvements are coming soon to 11th, in addition to several other projects underway or in the pipeline.

Anonymous said...

Shaw Rez, i am intrigued... are there other projects coming to 11th Street? that would be too exciting!!

Chris L said...

I live directly across M Street from this this project, and it was very cool to watch it being built. Its very modern, especially the side facing 11th, something I wish we had more of in DC.

As for the "Live Green" sign, I'd like to know what design elements were actually green. Those signs popped up the weekend of the GreenFest at the convention center, so it seems suspiciously like they are just trying to capitalize on the green movement.

Yet another example of greenwashing, I suppose.

Shaw Rez said...

Chris, upon a quick web search, I found out this information about what makes Lofts 11 Green:

*Lofts 11 is a boutique, infill building for people. The location for this project was selected to minimize the dependence of automobiles.

*The units come equipped with:
+Energy Star Appliances
+High efficency furnances
+Dual flush toilets
+Recycled countertops
+Double insulated tinted low e-glass
+Green roof
+Bamboo cabinets with wheatboard interiors
+Bris Soleil shading devices
+Walking distances to Three Metro Stops
+Circulator bus stop
+Shared cars
+On site bicycle storage