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Friday, November 02, 2007

Residential Project Bringing 10 Units to 11th Street

Not too long ago, I noticed construction on the east side of 11th Street near the Rhode Island Avenue intersection. A banner on the fence reads McCullough Construction, and a banner on the historic facade being incorporated into the project reads Willco Residential. Curious, I did some Internet research and found a blurb in Washington Spaces from late last year/early this year about the project. The article indicates that Willco Residential and McCullough Construction are constructing a 10-unit condo project. "The ground floor units will be duplexes with flats on levels two through four. All the flats will access the common green roof deck and will feature private elevators that open into the units." Sounds cool, right?

This project is one of many multi-unit residential buildings going up along 11th Street. Indeed, on Wednesday night I saw another project about to get underway by Boundary Street Development just a few doors down from this work site. I've written about the movement of widespread renewal from the west, and 11th Street's construction boom evidences this point poignantly. 11th Street's revival, and the movement of widespread renewal towards central Shaw generally, is very exciting and ensures our future as an increasingly safe, amenity filled, business-thriving neighborhood.


poo poo said...

did u see this on jdland?

The Long Road for the Old Near Southeast Nightclubs
(11/2 9:08 AM) This week's Washington Blade has a long story describing the continuing difficulties seen by the old Near Southeast nightclubs in their attempts to reopen elsewhere in the city. Nexus (now becoming 909 New Jersey Avenue), Edge/Wet and Club 55 (on the block being redeveloped with the Velocity project), Ziegfield's-Secrets, and Heat (taken by eminent domain to make way for the ballpark) are all still trying to either find new locations or get approvals for locations they've chosen. Follies and Club Washington will not be reopening elsewhere. Velvet Nation, a gay dance night that was held at Nation, is looking like it will be reconstituted at a new gay dance club called Town, in Shaw.

Shaw Rez said...

Thanks, poo poo. A lot of people have been asking about Town, which is coming to 8th/Florida/U Street.

Check out this metro weekly article about it (with pictures!) -

I don't have any other details...

14th & You said...

As a renter, I think that the continuing glut of condos is great. At $400k for a one bedroom of 700 sq. ft. or more, I'd be happy to see the market come down. But how many condos can a small contiguous area take? I can also hear the sound of thousands of current owners hyperventilating about their home values.