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Friday, October 05, 2007

Weekend Shoutouts

Here are a few suggestions for your weekend in our awesome neighborhood:

1. Live Entertainment and Great Eats at Etete - did you know Etete offers live entertainment 4 nights in a row? Grab some delicious Ethiopian cuisine and enjoy the atmosphere of this Little Ethiopia star.

1942 9th Street, NW

2. Post-Party with the HRC National Dinner Crowd - As discussed earlier, the HRC National Dinner is this Saturday night at the Convention Center. Join attendees afterwards at local hotspots such as The Space, be bar, the lounge at Vegetate, and Nellie's Sports Bar, or just be sure to leave your outside lights on to brighten the night for visitors to our neighborhood!

3. Check out Cafe Cozy Corner - Have you been to--or do you even know about--Cafe Cozy Corner?! Located on an uber quaint stretch of 10th Street (between L and M), I'm eager to try a sandwich and some caffeine at this well-kept neighborhood secret (next to what I've dubbed the "Secret CVS").

Cafe Cozy Corner
1117 10th Street, NW

4. These Regular Options Are Always Great - the Liberation Dance Party at DC9, the shows at 9:30 Club, Black Cat, Arena Stage, and Studio Theater, the cultural offerings of the Warehouse Arts Complex, Project 4 Gallery, the Ninth Street Gallery, and the Long View Gallery, the chance to get your freak on and knock back some drinks at places like Avenue, Be Bar, Nellie's Sports Bar, and Old Dominion Brewhouse, and great meals at Vegetate, Etete, or Queen of Sheba.


Anonymous said...

Cafe Cozy Corner makes some very tasty coffee and is worth stopping in. I have not tried any of their sandwiches or soups, so cannot vouch for them. It also has a mini-grocery in the back where you can buy specialty organic food. It is pricey, but it's an alternative to Whole Foods by Dupont or the Giant if you're in a pinch (and friendlier than the Secret CVS employees). Definitely worth popping into! A lot of the locals from Mount Vernon Plaza Apts. and a couple nearby condos hang out there regularly and appear pretty friendly.

Chris L said...

No shoutout for the Green Fest at the convention center this weekend?

Cafe Cozy Corner's prices are insane, and the older guy always gets my order wrong. Breakwell's, please reopen soon!!

Shaw Rez said...

Chris - tell us more about the Green Fest... I have a feeling the website ( only scratches the surface.