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Friday, July 20, 2007

Vacant Property Survey on

Check out this cool new Vacant Property Mashup Map, which displays the results of Shawington's recent investigation of vacant buildings in our area. The surveyed area is somewhat limited, bounded roughly by 5th, 8th, and P Streets and Rhode Island Avenue; hopefully content will soon be added to cover a greater area. No less, it's a great start towards raising the visibility of all vacant properties in Shaw, which hopefully will help prompt change.

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Obvious Insantiy said...

I share your concern. I live just north of you in the Columbia Heights/Shaw neighborhood. Have you checked on the ownership of these properties? It has come to my attention that a significant amount of the vacants in the area belong to Howard University. Howard should be ashamed of itself because they are the single biggest owner of blighted properties in the neighborhood. I am ashamed for Howard because they could have been a catalyst for change before gentrification, but held back the black neighborhood. Now it is standing in the way of progress.