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Monday, July 23, 2007

Go West East, Young Man Men

This past weekend, I spent a good deal of time east of my regular stomping grounds and was, to say the least, quite impressed. Here are a few of the weekend’s highlights:

First, on Saturday morning, Drew and I headed to the Cantania Bakery on North Capitol Street between O and P Streets. I have heard about and have intended to patronize this place for some time now. News of their robbery last week prompted the visit as a show of support. We were pleased to learn that it lives up to the hype. We purchased croissants, muffins, and a loaf of bread; all were delicious, and surprisingly inexpensive. We were tempted by a lot of other baked goods, and will surely return soon to taste something new.

Second, on Saturday evening, we headed to a cookout in Brookland in Northeast D.C. I’d never ventured into the heart of Brookland and was impressed by the size and architecture of the homes, by the large lots, by the beautiful tree canopy, and by the sense of "home" that the area exudes. Of course, the delicious meal, awesome company, playful pooches, amazing weather, and refreshing summer cocktails made the evening pretty perfect.

Third, on Sunday morning, we walked to the Bloomingdale Farmer’s Market with the mascot. The new market does not boast a huge number of vendors yet, but offers all of the farmer’s market essentials: plenty of beautiful, fresh produce, flowers, some homemade edible goods, and a delicious selection of meats (we pre-ordered baby back ribs for next week).

Finally, while we were at the farmer’s market, we grabbed some iced coffees from the newly opened Big Bear Café. Big Bear’s coffee is delicious, and the space is beautiful. It’s definitely worth the buzz it's been receiving. I particularly loved watching how the café, with several outdoor spaces for sitting, has become a gathering spot for friends and neighbors.


Anonymous said...

That sounds fun! Shaw Rez, have you heard what's going in at the Exchange? The progress over there is getting me pretty pumped up...

Kari said...

Treebox and I checked out the farmers market and Big Bear a few weeks ago - we loved it too!