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Tuesday, July 10, 2007

Treebox Vodka Announces Shaw Monthly Cleanups [Note: Innaugural Date Changed]

Check out this awesome new initiative announced by Treebox Vodka today! Treebox, with the support of ANC2c02, is the mind behind the monthly cleanup project, which will clean up a different area in Shaw the first second Saturday of every month. The innaugural cleanup will be held on August 4 August 11 and will target the 7th Street corridor from Rhode Island Avenue to New York Avenue. Refer to Treebox's post or the cool .pdf flier for full details.

Innaugural Shaw Monthly Cleanup
Saturday, August 4 August 11, 2007
9:00 AM
Meet at the Watha Daniel Library; Bring gloves, friends, and some water for yourself.

Logo image designed by SugarB Studio.


m said...


But if folks don't see that having a cleaner place to call home is a reward in itself, what good are they? Aren't resources spent on rewards better spent on supplies and plants?

My neighbor and buddy Ralph, former military/former attorney, put it best, “Even Arlington Cemetary gets covered in litter. They just have people who go out every day to pick it up. Litter's not as big a problem as not having people dedicating to picking it up is a problem."

Jason said...

M. I completely agree with your take on this issue. Any place with high volume traffic will be littered repeatedly, and the clean places just have a staff to take care of the problem.

Part of my thinking for this cleanup is that it will evolve into a clean/fix-up, for lack of a better word. I'm thinking we can cleanup the daily litter, pickup the stuff that's been around for weeks, and over time start taking on bigger projects. Such as treebox cleaning and repairing, identifying areas where more trash cans need to be, etc...

Plus, in terms of the larger strategy here, there is definitely an educational objective. Of course that is a big goal to achieve. But I hope we can get people to participate who normally wouldn't sign up for something like this.

This is still pretty organic, so any thoughts or recommendations are definitely welcome.