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Tuesday, July 17, 2007

Shiloh's Vacant Property at 1533 9th Cleaned

Thanks to Drew for providing the following pictures and the report that Shiloh's vacant property at 1533 9th Street, NW, is being emptied of debris today. This action is likely in response to a "Notice for Cause" regarding the property that they recently received. An update on the de-condemnation fundraising campaign from the church indicates work on this property will likely be pretty minimal.


poo poo said...

the thing about shiloh is that they'll barely make the grade in terms of cleaning up the properties, and think that they're done.

we still need to keep pressure on these folks to truly take care of their blighted properties. maybe posting flyers on folks' cars that pretended to support shiloh but directed them to a website that exposed the problems, the parishoners would totally revolt.

Rob said...

OT: There is a DCPL community meeting to discuss the Watha T. Daniel design on Monday, I just posted the details to my blog. Can you drop me a line so I have your email? Thanks, Rob