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Wednesday, July 18, 2007

[UPDATE: MEETING CANCELLED] Public Input Sought on Future (Permanent) Library

As reported by The Goodspeed Update, the D.C. Public Library will hold a public meeting regarding the redesign of the Watha T. Daniel/Shaw Neighborhood Library next week. Mark your calendar so you can attend this community listening meeting on Monday, July 23 from 6:30 to 8:30 p.m. in the Interim Library, located at 925 Rhode Island Ave. NW in front of Shaw Jr. High School. Here are some thoughts on how to make our new library a community asset.

Demolition of the old, bunker-like Watha T. Daniel/Shaw neighborhood library, located between Rhode Island Avenue, 7th, 8th and R Streets, NW, is scheduled to conclude by the end of July 2007. My untrained eye tells me demolition is behind schedule (I can't tell that anything's been done).


The meeting has been cancelled. From the D.C. Public Library:
You have received information announcing a "Community Listening Meeting for the Watha T. Daniels/Shaw Neighborhood Library on Monday July 23, 2007. This "Community Listening Meeting" was scheduled to be held at the Watha T. Daniels/Shaw Interim Library located at 945 Rhode Island Avenue, NW. However, this "Community Listening Meeting" has been cancelled due to a problem with getting the electrical service connected by PEPCO. Currently, this Interim Library is being served by a generator for construction purposes. However, this temporary electrical service is not suitable for public use. This meeting will be rescheduled as soon as suitable electrical service is established.

We do not take this issue lightly and will be doing all that we can to bring this facility on line for use by the residents who have come to depend on the Watha T. Daniels/Shaw Neighborhood Library. The Watha T. Daniels/Shaw Interim Library is a step in the process of bringing a newly constructed full service library back to the Shaw Community.

I understand that this issue is important to you and the residents we serve.

Thanks to Rob for alerting me to the cancellation.


si said... ....mother@%!#$%!^#@ing BROKEN?

rr 446 said...

wisdom tells me...the electrical problem at the library is really just a simple relay switch from Homedepot on back order which is really holding this up. that's what the Pepco lighting problem was at the New Jersey and O Park.

Mr. Ray said...

Will anyone ever use our West Virginia double-wide trailer once it is opened? Hardly anyone ever used the bunker, that nonetheless served as a good evacuation shelter.

IMGoph said...

inept. a simple word to describe the procurement/construction in the city's libraries. how come SOMEONE in that organization can't pull some strings and get something as simple as this DONE? i'm hoping allen lew kicks ass and takes names in the school reconstruction position he's inherited. it's a shame someone with his reputation and history can't do the same for our poor, neglected libraries