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Friday, June 29, 2007

Weekend Shoutouts

Here are some shouted out challenges to make the most of your weekend in Shaw:

1. Try Something Different – Don’t tell me you STILL haven’t been to Queen of Sheba, Vegetate, a restaurant in little Ethiopia, one of the new restaurants in the convention center, or Thai X-ing? You haven't even darkened the door of DC9, Project 4, be bar or Grape Legs? There’s simply no excuse. GO this weekend and learn you love something completely different!

2. Write About Vacant Properties – If you can’t attend Tuesday’s hearing to report your frustrations over vacant properties and the ineffectiveness of the government to prompt change, draft and submit written testimony this weekend. Details here.

3. Meet a New Neighbor – Show some hospitality to a new (or even a new-ish) neighbor; drop off a plant or some baked goods or just pop in and say hello. Although a cheesy Andy Griffith-esque gesture, doing so makes a great statement about the community into which the newbie's moved.

4. Have Breakfast with Neighbors at Queen of Sheba – While the ABRA could probably use a kick in the rear for its role in allowing the struggle to go on so long, we can do our part to help the Queen survive by patronizing her as much as possible. As encouraged above, stop off for a meal at the Queen this weekend (she’s open for breakfast, lunch, and dinner); she needs every customer she can get during her protracted battle for survival imposed on her by Campbell Johnson's liquor license protest group (note: Shiloh attempted to protest the Queen's license also but failed). I can’t do it this week, but I was thinking it might be fun to make the Queen a regular Saturday morning breakfast meet-up for neighbors. I envision just a casual, no agenda, no RSVP, coffee and egg and catch up on your week kind of thing for anyone who can make it. Say, 10:00 every Saturday? Does anyone think this is a good/viable idea?

5. Submit a Curb Appeal Shoutout - I would love to start featuring photos of well kept properties and yards from throughout our neighborhood. Check out what I'm looking for here, and email me!

6. There's Always This Fun Stuff To Do, Challenging or Not, in Shaw - These regular weekend options are always great: the Liberation Dance Party at DC9, the shows at 9:30 Club, Black Cat, Arena Stage, and Studio Theater, the cultural offerings of the Warehouse Arts Complex, Project 4 Gallery, the Ninth Street Gallery, and the Long View Gallery, and the chance to get your freak on and knock back some drinks at places like Avenue, Be Bar, and Old Dominion Brewhouse.

Have a Weekend Shoutout suggestion? Email me at slumhistorique at yahoo dot com!


Jason said...

And if you need some brew for the weekend - pop by Modern Liquors I believe they are having a sale on Bell's Beer. Only the finest from Kalamazoo, Michigan.

Buick said...

The Lily Ponds area is really quiet, excellent city services, convienient and good prices. You could power boat to work by renting a seasonal mooring at The Washington Yacht, hop the Blue line from Deanwood and shop in Old Town Alexandria or just up BW Parkway. Of course however Lily Ponds is way out in the countryside of Ward 7.

jescowa said...

I think the standing Saturday breakfast at QoS is a cool idea. Would love to hear if more are interested.

jules said...

I love the idea of a standing weekend breakfast, too. I'm traveling a lot this summer, though, so wouldn't be able to attend very often for the next few months...Maybe it would work to start with a monthly or bimonthly meetup first, to gauge interest?

Carmen said...

A big YES on the weekly Saturday morning meet-up at Queen. Away this Saturday 7th, but will be there next Saturday...