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Wednesday, May 30, 2007

What's Up, Dog

With the public comment period regarding the proposed dog park regulations concluded, the Department of Parks and Recreation and the other participating agencies are reviewing all comments from the public meetings and submitted written comments to determine the best practices for dog exercise areas in the District. It appears that the DPR will likely abolish the proposed requirement regarding the absence of rats within a certain radius; additional changes may be also be made to the proposed regulations. Once the Office of the Attorney General rules that the regulations are legally sufficient, the final document will be published in the DC Register and we can start talking about site proposals, community input, design, construction, management, and so forth. Check out DPR’s FAQ’s here.

If you haven’t had a chance to sign up for the Dogs of Greater Shaw
list serve
, which has been relatively quiet for a while, do so soon in anticipation of the many organizational and fundraising tasks ahead of us (note: when signing up, you can register to receive "daily digests" so you only get 1 email from the yahoo group that contains all messages, if any, posted that day). I have a feeling another meeting of Shaw's Paws is imminent.

On a dog-related note, mark your calendars: Starting next Wednesday (June 6), Hotel Helix’s Lounge will host the "Dog Days of Summer" dog happy hour every Wednesday night. As reported by Washingtonian, dogs are welcome on Helix's patio and “specialty cocktails like ‘Pet Peeve’ and ‘Pooch Hooch’ are served—for people, not dogs.” A portion of the proceeds goes to the Washington Humane Society. The Society also brings in a dog that is up for adoption to the lounge every Wednesday to mingle with the crowd.

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Anonymous said...

What a great event at the Hotel Helix lounge!! I hope a lot of dogs will find loving homes this way...