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Wednesday, May 02, 2007

ANC2c Meeting Tonight

The May ANC meeting will be held tonight (May 2, 2007) at 6:30pm at Africare House, 440 R Street NW. Check out the agenda here. I won't be able to make it due to work, so I look forward to hearing about this evening's events (check out a preview of some of the excitement to expect here).

On a different subject, Queen of Sheba's liquor license hearing was held this morning. At last report, at least 1 protest group was seated, that of Campbell Johnson with the Urban Housing Alliance. Shiloh's protest group was denied standing for failing to meet residency requirements for 2 of its members in its group of 5. Mary Sutherland was awaiting a ruling on her group's status. I believe that once the ABCB figures out who has standing and who doesn't, the ABCB determines the validity of each valid group's protest and then issues/doesn't issue the license. My fingers are crossed that all went well!


Anonymous said...

People should read the updates to our ANC management before going tonight. This one may be worth attending:

Anonymous said...

Campbell Johnson is apparently a member of the choir at Shiloh Baptist.

Check link:


Anonymous said...

the first link seems to be outdated