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Wednesday, March 28, 2007

Pastor's Message on Alcohol

Earlier today, a friend emailed me this link to a recent "Pastor's Pen" issued by Shiloh Baptist Church regarding alcohol. The message stems from a recent meeting organized by Councilman Graham to which two Shiloh representatives were invited. The pastor claims that Shiloh was invited to attend (and indeed given prominent seating at the meeting) because Shiloh's "recent opposition to the granting of liquor licenses to restaurants in Shaw, located within 400 feet of a school, had sent a message that Shiloh is not afraid of standing up to business owners." The pastor closes his message by saying "What we do know is that there are those who now know, thanks to the hard work of several Shiloh members, publicly and privately, that Shiloh cares about its neighbors."

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Mari said...

Baptists come in handy sometimes. Reading the Pastor's Pen, I see that they were called in to give input regarding underaged drinking. Also politics make really strange bedfellows. I can see Councilman Graham calling upon Shiloh again in his little crusade against youths in clubs that serve alcohol.

Erich said...

Hey Shaw Rez...Not sure if you saw this yesterday from the City Paper: