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Wednesday, March 28, 2007

Commissioner Chapple's Coverage of O Street Market Development

Many thanks to Commissioner Kevin Chapple for his coverage of the status of and plans for the O Street Market development. First is a story about the Historic Preservation Review Board's recent actions regarding the conceptual plan, which involves some demolition of the existing market and therefore gives rise to more approval scrutiny. Second is a link to the conceptual plans for the development, which were provided to Commissioner Chapple by Shalom Baranes for Roadside Development.

PHOTO CREDIT: Shalom Baranes Associates, O Street Market Project Historic Preservation Review Board Concept Submission, page 11 (available here).


Anonymous said...

The section on A15 does not show any retail on the new 8th street. It will be a dead street without retail! There will be no "eyes" on that street. I am afraid it will function like an alley.

Anonymous said...

Also, if there is parking under 8th Street how can street trees live? There needs to be big, big, tree pits for those guys to thirve.

ML said...

Anon, check out page 13. It looks like a good chunk of the east side of 8th st. would be the main street entry into the grocery store. It also looks like there are escalators that might take you up from the underground parking on to 8th.

Also page 13 shows some retail on the 8th and O St. sides.

So I presume there would be a good deal of traffic/"eyes" on 8th st.

Interestingly too, page 13 shows a 'hotel lobby.' I didn't realize a hotel might be part of this. Is this what the buildings facing 9th street are meant to be? I can't tell from the renderings what those are.

All in all though, I'm just excited to see this move forward.

Shaw Rez said...

I've heard a hotel proposed in the mix. I'm personally crossing my fingers for a Kimpton (wouldn't that be awesome? with the convention center close by, I think it could work, too).

I think the buildings on 9th would be split into residential condos (with several walk-up town homes along 9th) and a hotel at the corner of 9th and O.

Omar said...

This is amazing. The market-style look to a modern grocery store is perfect, and so is the sky light that allows shoppers to see the top of the old structure from within the grocery store.

Nice to see the housing along 9th and retail along 8th and O to get a good blend, since most of the current retail is on 9th. Only negative I see is the retail parking entrances are right in the middle, and I can see that getting really backed up out of 8th st. and on to O and P.