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Thursday, March 29, 2007

City Paper Reports Change in Leadership at Shiloh Could Prompt Development

Thanks to commenter Erich for pointing me to this article in the City Paper about a change in leadership at Shiloh Baptist Church. The City Paper article reports that, with a new Board of Trustees, the church will finally be able to take responsibility for its vacant properties in Shaw. The article quotes Board of Trustees member Ralph Lee as saying “We’re still in the planning stages with our architects developing our master plan . . . It’s long overdue.”

Actions speak louder than words, so hopefully electing new leadership is the first of many actions Shiloh will take towards abating its neighborhood-harming properties in Shaw.

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Anonymous said...

This would be great, but I won't hold my breath. One question - the article mentions cafes, but I thought Shiloh was completely opposed to anything like that to "keep the neighborhood from turning into Georgetown" or something like that....??