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Thursday, February 15, 2007

Shovel, Sand, Salt--SOMETHING!

Remember to clear your sidewalks of this icy mess ASAP--by not doing so, you are both annoying your neighbors who walk to work (including yours truly) by making them trudge through the slippery and slushy coldness, and you are breaking the law (action is required within the first eight hours of daylight after the snow, freezing rain or sleet stops). Clear sidewalks also help neighborhood businesses and help neighborhood development, as they encourage foot traffic and evidence caring neighbors.

Do you know of an elderly or infirm neighbor incapable of clearing their sidewalk? Or do you know that a neighbor's just got a full plate right now and can't do it themselves? Earn some good karma and help them out. Such actions go a long way in terms of bridge building and healing our community.

Photo is of Shiloh Baptist Church's vacant building at 1533 9th Street and the adjoining parking lot at 1531 9th Street. The sidewalks in front of both had not been shoveled, sanded or salted as of 9am today. In contrast, the sidewalks in front of their daycare center, sanctuary, and family life center were all cleared early yesterday.


Ray said...

After 21 years of obsessively-compulsively shoveling my and my neighbors' sidewalks, two heart attacks later, I shall join my neighbors and let the Sun God Ra do his bidness.

Anonymous said...

After your service to the hood, I'll pitch in with some sweat labor Chez Ray this weekend.