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Tuesday, January 02, 2007

Slightly Greener Living: Recycling Bin Arrives

As previously reported, last week I ordered a recycling bin to abate my non-green living. Despite comments from others about bad experiences with the Department of Public Works regarding response times to such requests and regarding the availability of blue supercans on certain blocks in our neighborhood, I'm happy to report that my blue supercan arrived today (just a few days after I made the request). I'll be sure to keep a close watch on it, as I now know that I'm fortunate to live on a block that gets such receptacles and that DPW's track record with others isn't as good as it's been with me.

If you are lagging in the recycling department like I was and are willing to try your luck with DPW, request your recycling supercan today by calling the Citywide Call Center at 202.727.1000.


si said...

wow. i am so happy for you!

Shaw Rez said...

Thanks, Si. I'm sorry that it's been such a pain for you, though! Here's to 2007 bringing you a shiny blue wheely recycling can!

See you at tomorrow night's ANC meeting.