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Wednesday, January 31, 2007

Map of January Crime in Shaw

Drew updated his mapping of the recent disturbing crimes in Shaw (using Fifth and Oh's informative listing of recent crimes and reports on Off Seventh. The map is available here (note: it is in .pdf format) with a key at the bottom identifying where each reported crime occurred. Drew will likely update this map if and when additional incidents are made known to him, so check back at the aforereferenced website for additional criminal tracking.

As suggested by numerous commentators, such violence has been largely unknown in our neighborhood and is a scary reality check to humanity's ugly potential. Please be vigilant until we are assured that the efforts of our community, the police and our elected officials rid us of this dangerous element permanently. Report any suspicious activity to the non-emergency police number, 311, and, as always, call 911 to report life-threatening situations, any crimes that are in progress, and all serious or violent offenses (even if the offender is no longer on the scene).


Anonymous said...

Hmm, will the police actually do anything? When there was an incident next door to me, I asked the police if there was anything I could do to be of assistance and they told me to not be so "nosey". OK, next time I see someone being mugged I will ignore it and not be nosey, per PD request! I don't have a lot of confidence in cops. That's why I'm studying self-defence and would quite happily ignore gun laws.

Mrs.NineOh said...

Congrats on what has become one of my top sources for shaw info. Your coverage of local events and real estate matters is excellent, and much appreciated!

Anonymous said...

There's also this site: Crime In DC

Shaw Rez said...

Thanks, Mrs. Nineoh!

Anon#2 – I might not be using it correctly, but I’ve found that the Crime in DC Website isn’t up-to-the-minute current and does not include all of the incidents that have been reported on the blogs (notably gunshots).