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Friday, December 22, 2006

Talking Trash in December

I've observed a lot of trash on the streets around my house. I imagine most of it is due to people lacking a respect for their surroundings rather than the unintentional release by garbage collectors. Now I know I'm not the world's greatest environmentalist, but I really don't get people who just throw trash on the ground instead of walking 50 feet to the nearest trash can to deposit their refuse. The identities of the culprits of this public nuisance may sometimes surprise you: I caught my dad dropping a cough drop wrapper in China Town recently and, shocked, made him pick it up and throw it away properly (he had a pitiful, ashamed look on his face when I called him out for it). I'm sorry to state the obvious, but littering is unacceptable. Kudos to groups like Shaw EcoVillage for teaching our youth about being responsible stewards of our planet.

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PHOTO CREDIT: Muckster on Flickr.

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