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Thursday, November 16, 2006

The Scene in Shaw

Looking to add a little culture to your weekend? Plan to start things off tomorrow night at the Project 4 Gallery at 903 U Street. They are having an opening reception for their new show, concurrent solo exhibitions by Washington, D.C., based artists Kate Hardy and Noelle Tan. The reception is Friday night from 6:00-8:30pm.

The following is from the press release on the new exhibition:

Kate Hardy’s intimate watercolor paintings are postmodern curiosities. The compositions are based on exploration illustrations of objects from the 18th century, which were usually depicted completely out of context. With no sense of scale or weight, the subjects became specimens. She eplains, “One only has to flip through an art magazine to see that contemporary work tends to lean towards the mundane and sterile or the shocking and grotesque. These new paintings are an examination of what current art seems to be avoiding. The images portrayed are studies of sentimentality, nostalgia, and wonder.”

Noelle Tan's untitled series of black and white silver gelatin photographs consists of highly overexposed images. The series depicts random environments and scenes that Tan encountered while traveling through the deserts of Nevada, Utah, and Arizona. "This work is about evoking a psychological space," Tan says. "I'm interested in spaces where civilization and wilderness meet. The white space acts as a stage and the viewer seeks what is out of eyesight. It is this play of the visual and its association to narrative space that ultimately informs the work."

Sounds awesome!

PHOTO CREDIT: Exterior of Project 4 Gallery; Thinking About Art Blog,

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