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Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Sneak Peak: 934 N Street, NW

If all continues to go well, 934 N Street, NW -- currently an empty lot near an entrance to Blagden Alley -- will soon be developed by HRYDesign Build.  The HPRB Staff Report summarized the design (by Workshop T10 Design Studio) as follows:
The proposed flats would take the form of a traditional projecting bay rowhouse. Three stories tall and three bays wide, it would be clad in limestone panels of large coursing dimension. A two story projection bay of limestone and composite panel would provide a balcony space for the third floor. The façade cap is a collection of simple flat runs. At grade, a shallow areaway will provide light and egress for the basement rooms. A small penthouse, setback 20 feet from the front parapet, would provide access to rooftop decks both front and back.
See report here (PDF).

HRYDesign President of Internal Operations Gerry Coates promises this will have the bells and whistles as well as a Green Conscience. The interior will be finished using Non-VOC paint from Premier Eco Paints on Capital Hill.

Stay tuned as this beautiful building moves along! 

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