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Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Halloween Party at 1905 Saturday

1905's Halloween party has become a great tradition in the neighborhood: it never gets too crazy packed, and it's always a lot of fun. It's a great destination unto itself, or it's a great stop along the way to other parties in the area.

This year's party is this Saturday (October 29th).  Those in costume will be privy to drink specials, and those not in costume will have to beg Joel to extend them the discounts. Drink specials start at 10 p.m. (details TBD, but I'm sure will be great), but all are welcome earlier.

Speaking of 1905, they have some great new items on the menu.  I had the duck entree last Friday night and found it to be killer -- and the rye-bread-pudding-goodness that accompanies it is pretty spectacular.

1905 Restaurant
1905 Ninth Street, NW

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