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Wednesday, August 31, 2011


DCMud has renderings of Douglas Development's new office and retail plans for the Wonderbread factory on S Street.

Prince of Petworth has word that CafĂ© Eagle on Ninth Street is now a Mexican restaurant. As evidenced by PoP’s post and this Yelp review, it’s getting praised as such.

Some neighbors started this online petition protesting Mood Lounge, which apparently the Blagden Alley Naylor Court Association approved at its recent meeting.

Mari at InShaw has two posts about a section of row homes on R Street that suffered earthquake/hurricane/bad renovation damage.


Anonymous said...

The petition about the MOOD Lounge is really, really important. Jack Evans is in favor of closing it if it has broken agreements - AND IT HAS. The community has been very patient and worked in good faith with the managers of the MOOD Lounge. MOOD in turn has brazenly chosen to ignore the pleas of the neighborhood. People are actually leaving because of the outrageous behavior of this business. Do take a moment to read the petition in today's Renew Shaw blog and if you agree, add your name to a growing list of responsible neighbors and citizens in Shaw.

Anonymous said...

The blog link to the U Street Association does not connect. The link that works is above.


Shaw Rez said...

anon#2 - thanks for pointing out the bad link; it's fixed now.